Cafe & Bar "toi toi toi"

Life is an adventure


There is a cafe 「toi toi toi」in Burabura.


Lots of people mingle, regardless of age, gender, or nationality.

We choose to use locally grown natural foods.

There are lots of delicious dishes available, so we hope everyone will visit without hesitation.


「toi toi toi」is a German incantation for praying for happiness and success.

We wish your happiness and success.


Burabura lunch course Our chef  directly choose local foods every cafe- opening day. This is why we don’t have a set-in-stone menu

Whim pasta

Recommended by our chef! Fried chicken with sweet and tartar sauce. Our chef started professionally cooking more than 20 years ago. So many of his fans come to try his cooking. What makes this dish so good is the secret recipes of the sweet sauce and handmade tartar sauce.

Specially curry Filled with vegetables. A pot filled with onions and carrots, fried and simmered with bouillon.


There is a farm on Mt. Tono in Iimori-dho Isahaya city.

They grow various natural vegetables that we serve in the cafe.

Also there is a tea stall, iron pot for pizza and old Japanese house for getting together.


746Kawashita Iimori-cho Isahaya city Nagasaki



We sell rice in the cafe that was supplied from a private farmer Mr. Turusaki.

The secret to the rice’s delicious taste is that he reduces the amount of salt and compost he uses in farming in Unzen city.

BIWA Sweets

Whim ice

That taste is whim. But can become a passion.

Loquat talt

A bit of brandy included, so for adults.

Loquat cheese cake

It is so rare. Mogi loquat and cream cheese work very well together.

Design for how to make happiness.

Loquat talt, cheese cake tea which we supply in a cafe is from Dezima social welfare corporation.

Their policy is giving everybody natural happiness like what is provided in a learning-place and become independent as an adult .

They were established in 2001.

We really love their products, and we hope you will too.

Address 1F Villacomon minamiyamate 4-28 Minamiyamate Nagasaki city Nagasaki

  • Hot coffee: 400 yen
  • Ice coffee: 300 yen
  • Handmade ginger ale: 500 yen
  • Apple juice: 300 yen
  • Orange juice: 300yen
  • Calpis: 300 yen
  • Coke: 250 yen
  • Tea (Iced/Hot): 300 yen
    • Beer (Asahi)
      • Mug: 500yen
      • Glass: 35o yen
    • Non-alcohol beer
      • Asahi: 300 yen
    • Sour: 400 yen
      • Grape
      • Peach
      • Green apple
      • Lemon
      • Grapefruit
      • Blackcurrant
      • Lime
      • Yuzu
      • Calpis
      • Cirus

    You can drink as much as possible in 2 hours for 1500 yen Between 6PM and 10PM


    Lunch time: 11:30AM~3PM (L.O .3PM)

    Cafe Time 3PM~5PM

    ※Drinks and desserts available during cafe hours

    Shop holiday: Tuesday +extra day

    ・Make a group reservation

    ・We take requests, so don’t hesitate to ask



    tel: 095-836-0306 (10:00-22:00)