About BuraBura

長崎ハウス ぶらぶら

"NAGASAKI HOUSE BURABURA" has been renovated traditional Japanere restaurant, and opened in August 2015.

Burabura located at Mogi.
The town of Mogi is known as a fisherman's town in Nagasaki from long time ago. Mogi is a bit far from the center and it is inconvenient for transportation compared to the city.

However, running from the city by bus for 20 minutes, there is a different world.

There is a place where there is a slow time where rich nature and old-fashioned scenery will remain. There are that "fish shop on the street", "long-established tempura shop", "the oldest shrine in Nagasaki". There is a hidden power spot. That is "Shiomizaki Kannon". It is dedicated at the back Mountain of Burabura. and people coming to visit from various places.

We want you "to relax slowly, to think of life in the future, to read books at sea side, and to walk through the port town".
We have named it "NAGASAKI HOUSE BURABURA" with the desire to make it a place where you can slowly hang around from your usual daily life.